Investment Opportunities

Our investment objective is to generate, low-to-risk-free profits. Since 2017, we have been achieving this objective consistently, by identify inefficiencies in the markets. As and when opportunities arise due to market inefficiencies, we pounce on these opportunities and lock in risk-free profits.


Forex-Crypto Arbitrage

We have been trading the standard arbitrage for our clients since 2017. This is our longest standing arbitrage service, which involves the practice of simultaneously buying and selling a digital asset to profit from a difference in price.

We will utilize your annual Single Discretionary Allowance and Foreign Investment Allowance (FIA) for this product.

What is your single discretionary allowance and your Foreign Investment allowance?

Single Discretionary Allowance (SDA):

This is an amount of R1 million. A South African resident can make use of their annual SDA, to transfer and take funds abroad, without the prior approval of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) and without first having to obtain a tax clearance certificate.

Foreign Investment Allowance (FIA):

In terms of the FIA, South African resident individuals can transfer up to R10 million abroad during a calendar year, over and above the R1 million that can be transferred by making use of their single discretionary allowance.

SDA: Limit of R1million
FIA: Limit of R10million
FIA: You can apply for as little as R100,000 at a time



Mean-Reversion Arbitrage

The phrase reversion to the mean refers to a statistical concept that high and low prices are temporary, and a price will tend to go back to its average over time. When a digital asset has a statistically meaningful move away from its mean, we capture profits when this anomaly exits by buying when the price has deviated to the low side of the range and sell when it gets to the high side.

This investment opportunity is not dependent on purchasing forex currency, therefore there is no foreign investment allowance limit.