We help investors create wealth from the world of digital assets


Count Capital is a financial services firm dedicated to digital asset investing.

We are a team of financial experts, that have gained deep technical skills in finance. Using our experience and skill set, we have been designing financial solutions to extract value out of the digital finance world since 2017, by merging traditional finance with the digital world.

 By partnering with leading companies, we have combined the necessary knowledge and skills to assist you in navigating this new world of digital investing.

Our process is built on foundations of trust, integrity, honesty, and sufficiency, enabling us to provide our clients with a top-class enjoyable customer experience and always keeping our clients best interest at heart.

Arbitrage is South Africa’s fast-growing crypto market. It is an excellent way for crypto investors to get started.

Investment Opportunities

Our investment objective is to generate, low-to-risk-free profits. Since 2017, we have been achieving this objective consistently, by identify inefficiencies in the markets. As and when opportunities arise due to market inefficiencies, we pounce on these opportunities and lock in risk-free profits.

what our

clients say

My dealings with Count Capital have been exceptional. All queries are addressed in a timely and professional manner and my investment continues to grow. I would highly recommend Count Capital!!
Nicola Button 

As a pensioner I would like to recommend Count Capital for the excellent returns on my Investment and good service.  They are always ready to give sound advice.
Fiona Lange

My experience investing with Count Capital has been overwhelmingly positive. They have a trustworthy, alert, responsive and efficient team and handle their work with impeccable professionalism. Count Capital staff provide honest advice based on market and economic trends, and communicate regularly. They provide detailed background to each process and can explain complex scenarios in a simple way. I wholeheartedly recommend working with them for sound financial advice and getting excellent returns on an initial investment in a secure space.
Hayley Cawthra

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